Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/If I Only had a Brain Medley. SOLO GUITAR

Please see Rich & Sarah Duo

Live at Evergrene, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Richard Medel plays Soloette Guitars

Richard Medel and John Michalak (Sax)

Live in Delray Beach, Paradise Sports Club (Home of Tennis Pro Coco Gauff).  SMOOTH JAZZ DUO

 Please see Rich & Sarah Duo


Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance

We're In This Love Together - Richard Medel (Guitar/Vocal)

We're In This Love Together - Al Jarreau

Rich, Sarah & John - Trio

Live performance at Paradise Club in Delray Beach, Florida.  

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Live at Evergrene, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Richard Medel plays Soloette Guitars

Richard Medel is a guitarist from Chicago, Ill.  He has had a varied touring and performing career that has included stints many notable artists.   He toured throughout Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the continental US.

​After extensive touring and recording, Medel returned back home to Chicago.  He received a full scholarship in classical guitar from the Sherwood Conservatory of Music, (now a part of Columbia College).  After completing his freshman year at 24 years old, he was asked to join the prestigious guitar faculity of  Richard Pick (DePaul University) and Seigo Yamato (Christopher Parkening's Assistant at Montana University).  He continued to teach both Jazz and classical guitar as an adjunct professor for 8 1/2 years.

​Music Related Accomplishments:

. Adjunct Professor, 8 ½ yrs, Sherwood Conservatory
. Coming Soon Solo Guitar Playing book

. Studio Guitarist, Paramount Studios, Chicago, Ill.
. Guitarist Chicago Latin Jazz Orchestra
. Performed with Jazz great, Ira Sullivan, South FL
. Classical Guitar Student of Richard Pick, DePaul

. Jazz Studies with Saxophone great,  Joe Daley

. Jazz Studies with jazz guitarist, John Stowell

Rhapsodic Theory - While well versed in traditional jazz, classical guitar (bebop and post-bop).  Medel draws from a variety of American music forms such as funk, soul, R&B,  blues and jazz fusion.  Listen to some of his playing below.

Solo Guitar Playing  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Tribute to "George Benson - Affirmation"

Solo Guitar Playing  "They Can't Take Away From Me" 

Jazz Standard "There Will Never Be Another You